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All About Paperweights  / Lawrence H. Selman 
American Glass Paperweights  / Francis Edgar Smith
American Glass Paperweights and Their Makers  / Jean S. Melvin 
Antique French Paperweights  / Paul Jokelson
Antique Glass Paperweights from France  / Patricia K. McCawley
Art of Collecting, The  / Art Elder
Art of the Paperweight, The  / Lawrence H. Selman
Art of the Paperweight - Challenging Tradition  / Lawrence H. Selman, Guest Curator 
Art of the Paperweight, Perthshire, The  / Lawrence H. Selman 
Art of the Paperweight: Saint Louis, The  / Gerard Ingold 
​Art of the Paperweight: The Boston & Sandwich Glass Companies, The  / John D. Hawley
Art of the Paperweight: The Boston & Sandwich and New England Glass Companies, The  / John D. Hawley
Art of the Paperweight: The New England Glass Company  / John D. Hawley
Baccarat Paperweights — two centuries of beauty  /  Paul H. Dunlop
Baccarat: Paperweights and related Glass 1820-1860  / Paul Jokelson & Dena K. Tarshis,  
Classic French Paperweights  / Edith Mannoni
Classic Paperweights from Silesia/Bohemia  / Peter von Brackel
Clichy Paperweights—classics of the nineteenth century  / Paul H. Dunlop
Collector’s Guide To Paperweights, A  / Sara Rossi  
Collector’s Guide to Paperweights 1840s to 2006  / Mark Pickvet 
Complete Guide to Perthshire Paperweights, The  / 
Colin & Debby Mahoney, and Gary & Marge McClanahan  
Dictionary of Glass Paperweights, The  / Paul H. Dunlop
Dictionary of Paperweight Signature Canes, Identification and Dating  / Andrew H. Dohan  
Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights, The  / Paul Hollister
Flora in Glass, Paperweights by Paul J. Stankard  / Pat McCawley
Garland of Weights, A  / Frank J. Manheim
Glass Menagerie, A Study of Silhouette Canes in Antique Paperweights, The  / John D. Hawley 
Glass Paperweights  / James Mackay 
Glass Paperweights from The Estelle Doheny Collection   / Mary Redus Gayle
Glass Paperweights in The Art Institute of Chicago  / Geraldine J. Casper
Glass Paperweights Of The Bergstrom Art Center  / Evelyn Campbell Cloak
Glass Paperweights of The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum  / Geraldine J. Casper
Glass Paperweights Of The New-York Historical Society  / Hollister, Paul.  
Glass Paperweights,The Heritage of the 19th Century Riesengebirge And Iserbirge Glassworks  / Marek Kordasiewicz  
Glass Worlds, Paperweights from the ROM’s collection / Brian Musselwhite
Identifying Antique Paperweights, Millefiori  / George N. Kulles
Identifying Antique Paperweights, Lampwork  / George N. Kulles
Identifying Antique Paperweights, The Less Familiar  / George N. Kulles 
Jokelson Collection of Antique Cameo Incrustation, The  / Paul H. Dunlop 
Les Presse-Papiers Francais  / R. Imbert & Y.