Dictionary of Glass Paperweights, The

an illustrated primer

by: Paul H. Dunlop

2009, Papier Presse, Statesville, NC

384 pages, $60.00 hardcover  

$120 leather bound, numbered, autographed edition of 100.

“This book is an indispensable guide to the art of fine glass paperweights. The author has spent over twenty years researching and writing this book, as well as logging over a million miles traveling to see and photograph collections. It is the best introduction to fine glass paperweights a novice collector could hope for, and has much new information on many aspects of antique weights to inform and delight even the most experienced collector.
Hundreds of original photographs and line drawings by the author give a comprehensive view of the history of this art. 

• How rare is rare? For the first time this book will put the relative rarity of many classic period designs into perspective.

• What is the difference between a flat bouquet and an upright bouquet? Photographs from the top and side make this much easier to understand than a verbal description alone.

• On a flower paperweight, whether common or rare, what is the significance of an added garland or a ground of upset muslin? This book identifies which motifs can be expected to have these and other features, and what percentage of a particular design will be so embellished.

• Examine the variety of motifs, such as crowns. This was a classic St. Louis design. Who else made them, and how did they differ from one another?

• Examine the scope of motifs, such as garlands. Over 200 original line drawings document all of the known variations of garlands from the classic period French makers.

• Contemporary versions. Many designs from contemporary paperweight artists are based on classic period weights. Who has made these designs in recent years, and how do they differ from the antique examples?

• Biographies of the best makers throughout the history of the art. Who are the best artists today, and how did they get there?

Laid out alphabetically—this book is an easy to use reference manual. It is a must for any serious glass or paperweight library!”
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