Clichy Paperweights

classics of the nineteenth century

by: Paul H. Dunlop

2020, Papier Presse, Statesville, NC

240 pages, $120.00 large format, hardcover

$150 leather bound, numbered, autographed edition of 100.

cover blurbs:   

“...   It is the first-ever definitive volume on Clichy paperweights, 30 years and tens of thousands of research pages in the making. Internationally recognized paperweight authority, historian and author Paul Dunlop re-creates for us the account, all we know, of the company and the world of 1840s Europe in which the House of Clichy was born and grew, in the process producing some of the most beautiful works of the imagination ever. 
      It’s an intriguing story, accompanied by almost 900 lavish color photographs and over 100 original drawings. Because as Dunlop understands perfectly, there are really no words to describe a beautiful paperweight. You must SEE it, and you must experience that internal something when you do.
      He or she who owns a Clichy has stepped into a special realm. Dunlop knows that once one sees, holds, perhaps even gets to own one of the best—curiosity sets in. Who made it? And when and how and why?? Step now into the remarkable world of Clichy. 

Andrea Zinga, collector, anchorwoman, Emmy Award winning CNN TV reporter

    “The hobby of collecting glass paperweights as an art form is alive and well. Today’s artists carry on the tradition started by workers in the 19th century glass factories, such as Clichy in France, and crete paperweights never before dreamed of back then....
    Knowing how, why, and when these glass weights were made helps to get the maximum enjoyment out of collecting, and that is why reference books such as this one are so important. They help us to look beneath the encasing glass and see the story behind these beauties which so often makes for fascinating reading....
    As we have come to expect from Paul Dunlop, the illustrations are outstanding; he has captured the typical warm, rich colors of Clichy paperweights beautifully and goes to great pains to show the weights their actual size.
    The long-promised volume, Clichy Paperweights, classics of the nineteenth century, brings an impressive amount of new information to light. Everything you wanted to know or cared to imagine about Clichy paperweights can likely be found in this truly outstanding reference book which should rightly take a prominent place in every serious collector’s bookcase”.

John D. Hawley, Author and Collector

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