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Bergstrom, Evangeline H.  / Old Glass Paperweights
Bedford, John  / Paperweights, Collectors’ Pieces
Casper, Geraldine J.  / Glass Paperweights of The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum
                                / Glass Paperweights in The Art Institute of Chicago
Cloak, Evelyn Campbell  / Glass Paperweights Of The Bergstrom Art Center
Dietz, Ulysses Grant  / Paul J. Stankard, Homage to Nature
Dohan, Andrew H.  / The Dictionary of Paperweight Signature Canes 
Drabeck, Benard  / Magic in the Glass, The Paperweight Artistry of Charles Kaziun, Jr.               
Dunlop, Paul H.   /  Baccarat Paperweights — two centuries of beauty
                            / Clichy Paperweights—classics of the nineteenth century
                            / The Dictionary of Glass Paperweights
                            /  Jokelson Collection of Antique Cameo Incrustation, The
Elder, Art / The Art of Collecting
Elville, E. M.   / Paperweights And Other Glass Curiosities
Fleming, Monika, & Peter Pommerencke  / Paperweights Of the World
Gayle, Mary Redus   / Glass Paperweights from The Estelle Doheny Collection
Green, Charlotte   / Presse Papiers de Cristal, Panorama des Collections Francaises
Hall, Robert G.  / Old English Paperweights
                       / Scottish Paperweights
                       / World Paperweights: Millefiori & Lampwork
Hawley, John D. / Art of the Paperweight: The Boston & Sandwich Glass Company
                           / Art of the Paperweight: The New England Glass Company
                           / The Boston & Sandwich and New England Glass Companies
                           / The Glass Menagerie, A Study of Silhouette Canes in Antique Paperweights
Hollister, Paul  / The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights
                      / Glass Paperweights of the New York Historical Society
                      / Paperweights from the Henry Melville Fuller Collection
Hollister, Paul & Dwight Lanmon  / Paperweights: “Flowers which clothe the meadows”
Imbert, R. & Y. Amic   / Les Presse-Papiers Francais
Ingold, Gerard  / The Art of the Paperweight, Saint Louis
Jargstorf, Sibylle  / Paperweights
Jokelson, Paul  / Antique French Paperweights
                       / One Hundred of the most important Paperweights
                       / Sulphides, The Art of Cameo Incrustation
Jokelson, Paul & Gerard Ingold   / Paperweights of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Jokelson, Paul & Dena K. Tarshis   / Baccarat: Paperweights and related Glass 1820-1860
Kordasiewicz, Marek   / Glass Paperweights, The Heritage of the 19th Century Riesengebirge ...
Kovacek, Michael   / Paperweights
Kulles, George N.   / Identifying Antique Paperweights, Millefiori
                             / Identifying Antique Paperweights, Lampwork
                             / Identifying Antique Paperweights, The Less Familiar