Paperweights of the 19th and 20th centuries

by: Paul Jokelson & Gérard Ingold

1989, Papier Presse, Phoenix, AZ

144 pages, $60. hardcover  

flyleaf: “Two connoisseurs have selected from the 19th and 20th centuries 284 of the most beautiful paperweights created by the finest glassworks and greatest artists of our times.
     Taking a pride of place in the museums of the world, these little wonders of the Art have captivated many collectors, ranging from Queen Victoria to Madame Colette.
     Paul Jokelson and Gérard Ingold, co-authors of this book, initiated the paperweight revival in the 20th century.
    Both are great collectors and eminent specialists. Having written many books on the subject, their authority renders this book indispensable and definitive reading for all enthusiasts.
     Paul Jokelson was the foremost world expert. In the United States, he created the famous “Paperweight Collectors’ Association” which today has more than 1,500 members. Over the years, he has created his own collection which includes exceptionally rare and technically perfect pieces.
     Gérard Ingold, Expert ot the Appeal Court, is also an illustrious collector. He originated the revival of “lucky” paperweights, a designation suggested by Colette, the French writer: the author called Gérard Ingold, 'The Paperweight Man'.”
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