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Famous collections

In the past century there have been a small number of collections, public and private, which have gained worldwide notoriety due to their size and scope. The monographs, exhibition and auction catalogues of these collections are a valuable source of information for all collectors.

Glass Paperweights from The Estelle Doheny Collection  / 
Mary Redus Gayle

Glass Paperweights in The Art Institute of Chicago   / 
Geraldine J. Casper

Glass Paperweights Of The Bergstrom Art Center  / 
Evelyn Campbell Cloak

Glass Paperweights of The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum  / 
Geraldine J. Casper

Glass Paperweights Of The New-York Historical Society  / 
Hollister, Paul.  

Glass Worlds, Paperweights from the ROM’s collection  / 
Brian Musselwhite

Jokelson Collection of Antique Cameo Incrustation, The   / 
Paul H. Dunlop 

Morton D. Barker Paperweight Collection, The   / 
Ellen Schaller Penwell

Paperweights from the Henry Melville Fuller Collection  / 
Paul Hollister